Dragon Mania Legends – Overview

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Players start Dragon Mania Legends with one dragon, but can breed more dragons by building extra habitats and buying dragons from the shop free of charge or for a price. As a player, you can upgrade your dragons by producing dragon feed in your farms and feeding your dragons. Feed generation, breeding and other task takes some time to finish, but you can speed things up for a price.

For you to be able to enter turn-based battles, you will have to spend energy. You play battles by dragging a dragon’s element on top of the enemy to attack. Once you initiate an attack, a meter appears. You’re then challenged to tap the meter either when it’s in green (perfect attack) or when it’s in gray (normal attack). You miss your attack when you stop the meter in the red.

When in battle, you’ll continue fighting until you have conquered all enemy units. You earn things like dragon feed and experience points after each successful battle. If you like, you can upgrade to a VIP player for a cost. This will unlock additional rewards for you after every successful battle. As a VIP player of Dragon Mania Legends, you’re able to complete more battles before recharging your energy. In addition, you also can participate in VIP-only events. Your VIP account is not is just temporary though, as it only lasts for a period, in relation to the price you paid for the upgrade.

In addition to the single-player mode of the game, you can choose to enter the Arena in a face-off battle with other real players like you for exclusive rewards. You can login with Facebook to get a free, dragon that is exclusive for your habitat. In Dragon Mania Legends, there are a lot of dragons you can breed and each one comes with either 1, 2 or 3 elements. There’s Fire (1st dragon), Wind (2nd dragon) and a lot of others. However, in the tutorial mode of the game, you get the basic dragons for free and get guided on the basic to-dos of the game.

Dragon Mania Legends is set during the clash of the vikings in Dragolandia and there are 7 different isles in Dragolandia.

Happy gaming!




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